Practising practice

This is a short summary of a presentation that I was privileged to be invited to give just over a month ago to some of my colleagues on the subject of managing practice. That is; the practice of practise. Apparently they found this collection of these ideas quite inspiring and motivational, so I have decided to share … Continue reading Practising practice

The diaphragm delusion

"Use your diaphragm!" ...said a brass or vocal teacher, somewhere, always. The response from the student; nearly always puzzled, if not nodding quietly to mask confusion and/or risk of suggested ignorance. This well used phrase may be yielding results from some students. Yet, I don't know of anyone that I have met who can knowingly … Continue reading The diaphragm delusion


Last Friday I had the pleasure of spending time again in a class with Anthony Plog, trumpet lecturer and scholar. A true thinker of the trumpet world, and of music and life practice generally. He has his own very interesting blog at, so what I write here is an interpretation of his brief and … Continue reading #Plogisms

Pacho Flores – ‘Cantar’

Sometimes there is talent in the world that doesn't always get the recognition it deserves. Fortunately, in the age of blogging and social media, the power to elevate that talent now lies with us and to a lesser extent with the corporations who will continue to flex their financial muscles to force exposure and airplay. … Continue reading Pacho Flores – ‘Cantar’

The British Cornet Sound

Having been working on core sound recently with a number of students, I have been trying to reference where my idea of sound has been developed from. These examples are my ideals and inspiration for the perfect modern British cornet sound. These players have been some of my personal heroes from day one, and some of the great talents … Continue reading The British Cornet Sound