Version for 10 cornets (1st division +)
Cornet parts are identical to the version with brass band accompaniment, and therefore compatible.

Price: 100 NOK  (score and parts)

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“Fanitullen” is taken from Halvorsen’s dramatic suite ‘Fossegrimen’, written to accompany a play of the same name, of which this is the fifth and final movement. It was originally written for violin ensemble, led by a soloist (replicated here as a cornet duet). Usually it would be performed on a traditional Hardanger fiddle. In performance, the violin group often stand in a semi-circle around the leader.

This arrangement has been orchestrated such that a simlar positioning can be used with the two main soloists positioned centrally, and the group as a whole standing 1-10 across the stage. This version was first performed by Manger Musikklag in Manger Church, Radøy, August 2017.

Note to directors: Care should be taken with all lines to avoid any over-agressive attack, instead aiming to maintain air flow through each passage. Accents are indicated for articulation and weighting but but more of a that of a fiddle than a brass instrument.

Hear Nick performing a similar arrangement on this multitrack recording: