Cornet feature with brass band accompaniment (1st div +)

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“Fanitullen” is taken from Halvorsen’s dramatic suite ‘Fossegrimen’, written to accompany a play of the same name, of which this is the fifth and final movement. It was originally written for violin ensemble, led by a soloist (replicated here as a cornet duet). Usually it would be performed on a traditional Hardanger fiddle. This instrument differs to regular fiddle in that it has metallic ‘sympathetic’ strings, which resonate to the sound of the ones being played. In this arrangement, muted trombones, baritones, vibraphone and glockenspiel provide a comparable effect.

In performance, the violin group often stand in a semi-circle around the leader. This arrangement has been orchestrated such that a similar positioning can be used with the two main soloists positioned centrally, and the group as a whole standing 1-10 across the stage.

This version was first performed by Manger Musikklag in Manger Church, Radøy, August 2017.
Note to conductors:

Care should be taken with all lines to avoid any over-aggressive attack, instead aiming to maintain air flow through each passage. Accents are indicated for articulation and weighting but more of a that of a fiddle than a brass instrument. Likewise, even in the accompaniment nothing should be played too short. Even with the staccato at letter E the sound should ring quasi pizzicato.

The original was written for fiddles only and did not include accompaniment. Therefore the cornet section could perform this with without the rest of the band if desired.

Hear Nick performing a similar arrangement on this multitrack recording: