General Resources:

  • Practising PracticeA pdf presentation about practice, goals and motivation.
  • Practising PracticeBlog version of above, with web links to videos.
  • Practice planner template – Use this form to set goals, work to targets and plan a detailed practice routine down to the minute. Re-evaluate progress every few months and adjust the routine as necessary. This method is useful beyond music practice, try it for other things!
  • #PlogismsA summary of some of the teachings of Anthony Plog. Useful life advice from a trumpeter’s perspective.
  • The diaphragm delusion –  A short article on the misuse of instruction in breathing techniques, specifically the dreaded phrase ‘use the diaphragm!’. What does it actually mean?!
  • Arban – THE cornet method – Free PDF download of the most important tutor book written for the instrument.

Trumpet/Cornet specific:

  • Daily Trumpet Warm up – A step by step warm up, based on a collection of various other common exercises. Use this as a basis to get things working to maximum possible potential.
  • The British Cornet Sound A collection of favourite YouTube videos from British Cornet players.  


One thought on “Teaching Resources

  1. Hi Nick, just visited your website – great stuff, full of tips and inspirations! An honour to be working with you. Wen

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