Paean: Celebrating Herbert Howells

In its mysterious and brooding textures, something about Herbert Howell's 'Paean' resonated immediately with me when I first heard it in 2013. I had played 'Pageantry' and knew of 'Three Figures', two staple works within the brass band repertoire. I was curious to learn more about one of of England's great 20th century composers, and … Continue reading Paean: Celebrating Herbert Howells

The British Cornet Sound

Having been working on core sound recently with a number of students, I have been trying to reference where my idea of sound has been developed from. These examples are my ideals and inspiration for the perfect modern British cornet sound. These players have been some of my personal heroes from day one, and some of the great talents … Continue reading The British Cornet Sound

Day 4: 2nd Sep

If yesterday was a lesson in contingency, today was a lesson in complacency. Still sore from 50 miles up, down and over the Pennines, I began to treat this as a rest day. 30 miles along the flat was nothing compared to yesterday's ordeal, but it was still a 30 mile bike ride! I also … Continue reading Day 4: 2nd Sep

Day 2

Well there's a day I won't forget. Everyone loves a twist in the tale don't they? Just as you think things are reaching a happy ending there's dramatic cliffhanger to send the story in a whole different direction. Downton Abbey has nothing on this! This comes to you all a day late, since I disappeared … Continue reading Day 2