Day 4: 2nd Sep

If yesterday was a lesson in contingency, today was a lesson in complacency. Still sore from 50 miles up, down and over the Pennines, I began to treat this as a rest day. 30 miles along the flat was nothing compared to yesterday's ordeal, but it was still a 30 mile bike ride! I also … Continue reading Day 4: 2nd Sep


Riding a long trail presents all kinds of challenges; of weather, fitness, equipment, nutrition, navigation, and no doubt more I shall discover along the way. But to add the challenge, I've set myself a tight schedule of visits along route. These visits will be checkpoints for the ride. You may wish to sponsor me based … Continue reading Checkpoints

#TPTsolo – the route

30th Aug: Southport to Warrington 31st Aug: Warrington - Faireys - Glossop 1st Sep: Glossop - Black Dyke - Shipley 2nd Sep: Shipley - Grimethorpe - Dearne Valley 3rd Sep: Dearne Valley - York - Smith Watkins 4th Sep: York - Hull