Day 6: 4th Sep

This morning I had the great privilege of spending time in Richard Smith's workshop, getting to know more about Smith-Watkins, the instruments, Richard's scientific research and of Derek's part in the company.   Most intriguing were Richard's experiments into brass instrument performance, especially the revelation to me that it was not necessary for any air to … Continue reading Day 6: 4th Sep

Day 2

Well there's a day I won't forget. Everyone loves a twist in the tale don't they? Just as you think things are reaching a happy ending there's dramatic cliffhanger to send the story in a whole different direction. Downton Abbey has nothing on this! This comes to you all a day late, since I disappeared … Continue reading Day 2


Whilst I'm on board the 0940 to Crewe, travelling first class (for some reason cheaper when booked far enough in advance, or Virgin trains must be feeling charitable), with a table and complimentary wifi, let me tell you about the ordeal which I have been faced with for the past 48 hours - packing. Apart … Continue reading Equipment

#TPTsolo – training

"It's not training if it's not raining". I heard that once somewhere, it seems fairly appropriate today. Some well timed Northern weather has descended on London to give me a go in the wet. No doubt I'll be facing similar conditions along the way - I'll be going past Manchester after all. I have no … Continue reading #TPTsolo – training

#TPTsolo – the route

30th Aug: Southport to Warrington 31st Aug: Warrington - Faireys - Glossop 1st Sep: Glossop - Black Dyke - Shipley 2nd Sep: Shipley - Grimethorpe - Dearne Valley 3rd Sep: Dearne Valley - York - Smith Watkins 4th Sep: York - Hull