The Ryedale Festival opens today up in North Yorkshire. In anticipation of the appearance of my group 'æðelfrìth' next week on Friday 24th, this is a synopsis of an original piece that I have written. It is one of four new pieces that will get either a world or UK premiere in our programme. See this link for concert and ticket details.  … Continue reading Jórvíkekkoer

The p-Lur project – Part 2: Raspberry Pi

I've spent most of today blowing raspberries down a piece of pipe. This is actually what I do for a living, but today it has mostly sounded like that was what I was doing. Normally I'd hope it sounds a bit more like music. Today, it has all been a bit different: Since the first post on this project, … Continue reading The p-Lur project – Part 2: Raspberry Pi

The p-Lur project – part 1

This is my first post on what will be an insight into my latest project; the p-Lur. Since demand for Lurs is probably not that great, this is more of an experiment for personal satisfaction than any kind of commercial venture. However, I am currently writing a Viking-inspired piece for my group æðelfrìth which I hope … Continue reading The p-Lur project – part 1